Automatic Transmission Fluid(T Q)

Automatic Transmission Fluid (T Q)
INDO-N CMC standard ATF (TQ) is a red-dyed transmission fluid having a low co-efficient of friction to meets general motors type 'A' suffix 'A' specification
Consumer Benefits :
  • Excellent power shift transmission improves life of transmission & steering system.
  • Ensures smooth operation with minimum power loss.
  • Anti-wear and Anti-Corrosion properties.

Use in:
  • Recommended for automatic and power steering units of automobiles and synchromesh gears.

Performance level :
  • DBL-6623-10 Specifications
  • Meets Type 'A' suffix 'A'
Available in Size (Ltr) :0.5, 1,5, 10, 20, 50, 200


SAE Grade


Kinematic Viscosity cst @ 100 ºC 7 – 8
Viscosity index , Min 150
Flash point – (coc) ºC Min 180
Pour point ºC Max -38
Colour Red