4 Stroke Engine Oil

4-Stroke Engine Oil
INDO-N CMC standard engine oil for lubrication of engine, gear box & wet clutches in 4-stroke ,2-wheelers and 3-wheelers.
Consumer Benefits :
  • Quick start & pick-up continuous protection of the engine and transmission parts specially reduced exhaust emissions
  • Lower clutch Slippage.
  • Provides Better Fuel Economy.

Use in:
  • Recommended for the engine, gearbox and wet clutch lubrication of all 4-stroke motorcycle,scooters and 3-wheelers, Honda, bajaj, kinetic, tvc, etc.

Performance level :
  • IS-13656 specifications
Available in Size (Ltr) :0.900, 1


SAE Grade

(4T Plus)

Kinematic Viscosity cst @ 100ºC 14 – 16
Viscosity index , min 110
Flash point – (coc),ºC min 210
TBN mg KOH/gm 6-9
Pour point ºC max -21