2 Stroke Engine Oil

2-Stroke Engine Oil
INDO-N CMC standard to low smoke is superior grade two stroke oil formulated with part synthetic base with finely balanced additives and contain excellent solvent oil must be mixed with gasoline (petrol) to be distributed throughout the engine for lubrication, two stroke oil must have a much lower ash content it provides optimum lubricity with better burning characteristics and low exhaust smoke
Consumer Benefits :
  • Reduces exhaust port blockage, emits low smoke and facilitates easy start.
  • Unique detergent additive system helps to remove carbon deposits from the engine surface.
  • Formulated using synthetic base oil, poly isobutylene (PIB) which has extra tackiness and unique clean burning properties.

Use in :
  • Recommended for two stroke engine of two wheelers and three wheelers.
  • Also Suitable for CNG/LPG fuelled 2 stroke engines of 3 - Wheelers.

Performance level :
  • IS-14234 specifications.

Available in Size (Ltr) :0.250, 0.500,1,5,10, 20, 50, 200


SAE Grade

(2-Stroke Engine Oil)

Kinematic Viscosity cst @ 100ºc 7-8.8
Flash point – (coc) ºc min 95
Pour point ºc max -15